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The Story is the thing. In every piece of writing, there is a story to tell. It's the 'What' in the 5 Ws and the H that we tell in a story. (When; Who; Where; Why; What and How)

The time in which your work is set is integral to the piece - it shapes and moulds it. In today's selection of Picture Prompts, I will be looking at images set in time, which I hope will inspire you to write.

My current WIP was inspired by a picture of an Afghan Girl by Steve McCurry, which appeared on the cover of National Geographic in 1985. She inspired the heroine in my Novel Sakhira, and the story grew around her.

Continuing with the writing prompts, I am going to focus on a series of pictures which I hope you will find inspiring. My source is Pixabay, a wonderful website which offers an amazing range of photos, free to use, even for commercial use.

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