Short story writing is another way of earning money as a writer. However, this is a highly competitive market, and many sites either don't pay, or pay very small amounts.

Writing is a tough way to earn a living, so it's worth exploring different types of writing, either to find a niche, or simply to broaden your skills to a new market. This week sees the start of a new series where we look at different types of writing jobs.

I once read a tweet where someone asked a well known author whether you had to be depressed to be a writer. It may seem an odd question, but many well known writers have grappled with depression.

How do you keep track of the wealth of information you actually want to find online? Going to each site on a regular basis is too time consuming, and a search engine is dangerous as they open up so many worm tunnels for an author to explore. So how can you keep up without the distractions?

Twitter is my current favourite form of social media, because it has a lot less of the rubbish that is ubiquitous on Facebook. It's also a great source of inspiration for writers.

Magazines are already looking for articles for Christmas. It may seem strange to write festive stories in the current heat wave, but magazines usually look for articles and stories three months ahead. If you want to make money from writing, a good approach is to consider seasonal stories.

Another way to find inspiration for writing is to read the stories of other writers. A good, and simple, place to start is a search online for your favourite author, and to read about their journey.